About Marta …

Mathea Marta Radwan is a renowned conductor, composer, arranger, award-winning vocalist, music director, and workshop leader. She has an excellent education and over 30 years experience on stage and in the music industry. She works internationally, in Poland, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Her versatility shows in the variety of roles and musical styles she has successfully assumed as a musician.

Marta has worked in studio recording and live stage performance for over 30 years, as a singer, conductor, and music director. She made her first recorded radio performance in 1984, and has worked in live & recorded TV and radio constantly since then. She has worked as music director and performer for both spoken and singing voice over, and localisation dubbing of TV. She has composed and arranged for jazz ensembles, choirs, contemporary ballet, and commercial advertising.

She has led over a dozen choirs comprised of 4 to 100 singers, and also led big band and orchestras. Marta was co-founder of Korskolen, the evening music school in Copenhagen, where she was head teacher and music director.

Marta works as a conductor and arranger with remarkable talent and ability. She is a person of great charisma, leadership and interpersonal skills. She has a good sense of humour, an infectious enthusiasm, and a passion for making mu