Marta graduated from the choir conducting department of the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw where she studied classical choir music. In 2010 she moved to Denmark to study rhythmic choir conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg, with an emphasis on leading a cappella choirs and vocal groups.

Her main interest in working with choirs is energy, groove, communication, sound and blend, performance attitude, and creativity. She works a lot on the concept of “intelligent choir”, where all singers are responsible for the final performance utilising a lot of exercises for improving musical skill, not only for the whole group but also for particular singers: vocal technique, sense of rhythm, harmonic hearing and awareness of style.


Alle Choir – jazz vocal ensemble. Founder, conductor, arranger, vocalist, 2015 – present.

Alle Choir London is a vibrant group of polish singers based in London. The group was formed by Marta Mathea Radwan in November 2015 to fulfill a commision to the European Parliament. Alhough that commission ultimately didn’t go ahead, the project was brought to life.

Alle Choir have a diverse repertoire ranging from jazz standards and modern vocal compositions, to polish carols and wedding songs. Alle Choir sing a cappella or with intrumental backing, bringing rich harmonies and lots of fun.

Alle Choir have perfomed with Fuham Brass Band and James Lawrence’s Big Band Theory, and as part of the Samsung Gear S3 World Choir event at London’s Piccadilly Circus. They have actively performed for the Polish society in London as well. Their most notable recent performance was on BBC One’s “Pitch Battle”, where they were the only jazz group in the competition.

Singers: Anita Lazinska, Magdalena Supel, Claudia Baca, Jagoda Jedrzejewska, Justyna Rafalik, Karolina Micor, Krzysztof Suwala, and Krystian Godlewski.


Scandinavian Singing Club – music director, arranger, vocalist, 2016 – present.

Scandinavian Singing Club is a London based professional trio established in 2016 with Polish conductor/singer Martha Mathea Radwan, Norwegian singer Åshild Bjørkeng Haugen and Danish singer/founder Mia Theil Have.

The trio performs close harmony arranged folk tunes in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian with a jazz twist, a cappella or accompanied by double bass and percussion.

Scandinavian Singing Club has performed at the Print Room in Notting Hill and the Change of Art Festival 2017.

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Offbeat Choir – Conductor, arranger, 2015 – present.

Offbeat Choir is a friendly, non-audtioned a cappella vocal group based in Richmond. They are a group of singing enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds. Since 2015 their music director has been Marta Mathea Radwan.

Offbeat performs a cappella arrangements from many music genres including folk, jazz, gospel, pop and rock, singing in many languages.

Offbeat has had numerous performances in Richmond and Twickenham, at the Royal Festival Hall, and also had a tour to Netherlands.

In 2017, during Richmond Choir Fest, Offbeat has been awarded twice: for the best a cappella performance and for the best performance of classical piece.

Offbeat rehearse every Thursday evening during school terms at the Vinegard church side hall and is open for new singers.

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Alle Choir Warsaw – Warsaw, PL – founder, conductor, music director.

Alle Choir Warsaw – a project choir for TV concerts and productions. Appeared on TVP1 for Papal Day in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014.


Jazz City Choir – Warsaw, PL – co-founder, conductor, arranger, 2007-2009.


London Open Choir – an open performing group focused on vocal improvisation on stage and “circle songs”.  Founder, conductor, 2014 – present.


Vestsjællands Chamber Choir – Kalundborg, DK


Vocal Groups in Wasowski Singing School – Warsaw, PL

Show Choir – Copenhagen, DK


Badeklubben Man’s Choir – Copenhagen, DK


Amber Voices – Warsaw, PL

Albertslund Choir – Albertslund, DK

Voice Zone – Ballerup, DK

Kokkedal Choir – Kokkedal, DK


University of Economics and Computer Science Choir – Warsaw, PL

Here are some recommendations from former choir members:

Niels & Ulla Siljat – singers from Vesjaellands Kammerkor:

We will never forget the months we worked with Marta. When she first came into the room where we were waiting in suspense, we immediately sensed she was a person of great musical authority and fantastic charisma! She worked with the choir on songs both technically and musically, got everyone to do their best (…). Everyone in the choir was motivated by Marta and worked seriously – she raised the choir to a level never seen previously(…). It was the greatest musical experience we had had in all the years of singing in our choirs – after Marta it was never the same.

H.C. Rordam – chairman of Badeklubbens Man’s Choir:
Marta is – besides being an absolutely lovely person – extremely musical and competent, innovative and, maybe most importantly, she manages to bring the potential of the Badeklubben Man’s Choir to the maximum level.