Composer / arranger


Marta composed, conducted and produced studio recordings of music for a contemporary ballet – “R.E.M”, which was performed in the National Opera House in Warsaw, which premiered in  March 2016, with a second run in May 2017.

Arranger / Producer:

For the last 10 years Marta has written many arrangements for choirs, vocal groups, bands and other ensembles in a wide range of styles from jazz, gospel to classic and gothic rock.

Her arrangements have been performed on Polish and Danish TV and used for professional recordings, concerts and music events. She was resident arranger and producer for the Danish Music Company.

Here are examples of her arrangements:

“Historien om Dennis og Ronnie” – arranger, conductor. TV commercial for Volkswagen, Denmark 2013/2014.

“You and I” – arranger, producer,condctor for Music Gallery project, released by Danish Music Company, 2013.

“Sweet Jesus” -arranger,producer, conductor for Music Gallery project, released by Danish Music Company, 2013. 

“Joy to the world” – arranger, producer,conductor for the project “Carols of the World”, Warsaw 2009.

“Feliz Navidad” – arranger, condutor, for Jazz City Choir New Year’s concert, Warsaw 2009