Marta’s long experience as a professional conductor, performer and teacher has given her an invaluable ability to tailor workshops to the needs of the group. She can provide a high-level musical experience in a fun and approachable manner. Through working in a friendly, supportive and encouraging way she can bring the best out of you!
London Open Choir

London Open Choir – is an open workshop of vocal improvisation and circle songs. It is running since Septemeber 2015 on every second Saturday at Shoreditch Church in London. The workshop is focused on exploring creativity, improving musical skills, voice projection, ability to listen and harmonise. LOC has Sound Cloud channel and was performing at the private events.

Choir in a day

It is possible to build a choir in a day! After only a few hours of practising together, Marta can make you sing and perform to a high musical level!

Marta was invited to lead big workshops for high schools in Denmark twice, in 2013 and 2014. Here is a video form SYNG 2014:

Ice breaking workshops for companies

Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins. It is also the easiest way to build relationships in a relaxed and informal setting. It can improve working relationships by building self-confidence, communication, quick response, creativity and risk-taking. This kind of activity will improve overall teamwork. It will help to achieve corporate goals by instilling a positive attitude and willingness to work together.

An example of client feedback following Marta’s team building workshop:

Hi Martha, 

This is just a short note to thank you for joining our team off-site meeting today, and for the brilliant way in which you ‘broke the ice’ for us. It was lovely to see the smiling faces around the room as you knocked us into shape and got even the most reserved amongst us singing and clapping. And such a difficult song – when Agata mentioned this was the piece you had agreed, I really thought that it wouldn’t be possible. It’s a difficult piece, but you got us through it. And your video provides the proof! Well done.
Your session set us up nicely for the day. With Agata’s stewardship, we maintained pace throughout, got lots of good thinking done, some important actions agreed, and the mood was upbeat all day. So an excellent start – thanks to you – and a positive rest of the day.
Thanks again, and all the best,
Paul Mason
Interim Director, Emerging and Enabling Technologies


Inspiration session for choirs

Sean Palmer – Creative director of Chór Eksperymentalny Gre Badanie, Warsaw

Marta was invited to run a series of workshops on jazz improv and ‘circle song’ style group improvisation. Her positive attitude toward the efforts of the choir members and her clarity in assisting them was very productive and the workshops effects have long stayed with us. An enthusiastic and dynamic leader bubbling with creative solutions to voice-based questions. Well recommended indeed.

Vocal technique sessions for singers and actors

If you want to improve your singing technique or get new inspiration for your work with the voice Marta can help you. Using tools from Complete Vocal Technique and classical school of “bell canto” she is preparing for recordings, auditions, performances, teaching individually, groups of 2 and more.

Anna – Sophie Menato – actress, London

“I have benefited from Marta’s inspiring teaching both in a group, as a part of London Open Choir, and in weekly one to one singing lessons. Marta’s enthusiasm, passion and infectious positive energy mean that I always look forward to my singing lessons. She has tailored our sessions to my individual needs, which is allowing me to experiment freely through her clear and in-depth teaching of more technical aspects of voice work. Learning from her is a really enriching experience because of her vast knowledge and experience with many styles of music. Marta is a wonderful teacher and always creates a relaxed learning environment allowing me to build confidence across a range of styles and techniques.”